Here's an older Rubik's Cube solution that was fairly easy to learn. The moves were also useful for enabling direct manipulation of cubes to make patterns. I still often use this solution when solving virutal on-screen cube puzzles on computers or smartphones. The moves only involve the Left, Right, Bottom, or Front layers and so don't require rotating the cube in order to access hidden layers. That can often be easier for mouse or touchscreen sovling. Happy cubing!

Five Move Sequences to Solve Rubik's Cube

R - Right face clockwise             L - Left clockwise
-R - Right face counter-clockwise    -L - Left counter-clockwise

B - Bottom clockwise                 F - Front clockwise
-B - Bottom counter-clockwise        -F - Front counter-clockwise

F2, B2... - F, B, twice

1. Edge Swap:
     Edge cube from bottom left to front right
     (Mirror version of this is also handy)

     -R B R B F -B -F

2. Bottom Corner Swap:
     -R -B R F -(B) -F -R B R

     (B) - Turn once to swap back two corners,
           twice to swap diaganal corners

3. Orient Front Right Bottom Corner:
     (Left front bottom corner stays same)

     -R -B R -B -R B2 R B2

4. Bottom Edge Swap:
     (Bottom front edge stays same)

     -L R F L -R B2 -L R F L -R

5. Bottom Edge Orient:
     (Orient bottom back and bottom left edge cubes)

     -L R F L -R -B -L R -F L -R -B -L R F2 L -R

     Then perform Bottom Edge swap, #4, to re-position bottom edges

Notation Help - Right Hand Rule:
     Right hand placed flat on any side of cube has
     Thumb pointing in clockwise direction

Example 3x3x3 Cube Patterns

TH - My Initials :)

Created by Taber with a Computer -- Copyright 2023