Software Development

Apps/Games found on GitHub - Username Taberon.

* Sliding tile puzzle game - WinPuzzle
* Animated GIF Photo Booth App for Windows 10 Devices - PhotoBooth
* Desktop SQL Injection test app - SQL-InjectionTest

Visual Timer

Visual Timer Image

Visual Timer is a simple countdown timer app, representing the passage of time visually with graphic elements. It's written with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript -- intending to run in any browser and on any device. Useful for small humans that aren't yet able to read clocks or understand time -- like toddlers. :)

Code Maker

Mod 10 Code Maker Image

Code Maker is a simple web app that takes a word or phrase and generates a basic numeric representation, using the modulus operator (base 10 division remainder). Play with it here, or click the image above.

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