This page lists some games I've created, which are available for download. Of course, it's no longer recommended to download executable files directly from untrusted websites. (Remember the earlier days of the internet..? :) Anyway, one day I'll try to shift more hosting to Github, which I believe scans exes. Until then, perhaps that's a good use for Windows Sandbox! (Google it with Bing -- it's a virtualized Windows 10 host used for testing apps in a secure environment.) I could also add more apps/games to the Windows Store, but that's certainly more work for self-publishing of such simple things.

Cuber for Windows 8/10 Devices - Available from the Windows Store

The most recent version of my Rubik's 3D simulation game. It was originally created using the XNA game framework, but was necessary to switch to using Monogame after XNA was depricated. However, that also provided a path to porting to other platforms. (I have a working version for Android, but it needs a few more tweaks due to API/platform variations. But hopefully that will be coming soon to the Google Play store.)

Anyway, Cuber includes standard 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4 puzzles, in addition to some fun odd-sizes of 2x2x4, 2x2x3, 1x1x3 (floppy 'cube'), plus some other unique shapes and configurations like the Mirror Blocks (offset axis) and 2x2x2 3D mesh variations.

Windows Phone 7/8 - Cuber
Windows Phone Store Link

Windows 8/8.1 Store - Cuber 8
Windows Store Link


Image Puzzle - Simple "fifteen" style slide puzzle.
Download Zip:
Note: Also available with the C# source code on Github -- WinPuzzle


OptiVectroid - Vector-based 2D graphics shooter. Made during the last week that the company OptiFrame Software existed... (Yep, I made a game because they had nothing else to program. :)
Download Zip:

Cuber PC

Cuber PC - My original C#/GDI+ software-based renderer incarnation of Cuber that was first available on the Windows Mobile app store. This version has a few PC-specific tweaks/enhancements (gradient background and mouse-wheel support), but is otherwise the same as the original .Net compact framework version.
Download Zip:

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